ALBUM: Homer Misnomer – Hurricane Homer

Homer Misnomer – Hurricane Homer Album Zip Download

Homer Misnomer has dropped an album titled, Hurricane Homer  Album Zip and you can download full album right below;

Homer Misnomer – Hurricane Homer Album Tracklist

  1. Incoming Transmission
  2. Hurricane Homer
  3. Needles (feat Depp Gibbs)
  4. Environmental Impact (feat Kenny Mgee)
  5. Boiling Dogs Alive (feat Big Yeet & Hood Guy)
  6. Transmission 2
  7. Downpour of Swag
  8. Drowning in Swag
  9. She Hydraulic Press My Nuts (feat Yung Snoozy & Lil Soz)
  10. Yo Momma
  11. Arsenic N’ Coffee (feat E.M.B.E.E)
  12. Transmission III
  13. Microburst (feat Lil Squeaky)
  14. Stimulated
  15. Sleep Crip Walking (feat Tending Bike)
  16. Whoopsie Daisies (feat KOFFDROP & Young Seagull)
  17. Transmission 4.0
  18. Eye of the Storm
  19. Powder Outage (feat Lil Jxck, CRZFawkz & WT)
  20. Final Transmission

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