Boko Haram Terrorists Attack Chibok, Kill Three, Burn Houses

At least three individuals were reportedly slain by suspected members of the notorious Boko Haram terrorists in Chibok, Borno State, on Friday night.
The assailants assaulted the neighborhood in large numbers and carried out the terrible operation with no resistance, according to AbokiMusic News.

Hundreds of ISWAP/Boko Haram terrorists invaded the neighborhood yesterday night, shooting intermittently, according to a resident in the region, Dr. Shuaibu Musa, who is confirmed to be a lecturer in the College of Education.

According to him, the highly armed terrorists invaded the Chibok hamlet with five utility vehicles equipped with anti-aircraft guns and moved without resistance.

They began shooting infrequently. “While the firing continued, several residents fled for safety,” he claimed.

According to Musa, three of them who sought to flee were hit by gunfire and died instantaneously.

Several residences and properties were also burned down by the militants during the raid, according to Naija News.

According to the Daily Post, the insurgent group assaulted Kautikari village near Chibok town at exactly 4:45 p.m., firing indiscriminately and torching many homes.

They spent around two hours travelling from house to house in the village, according to the instructor.

Boko Haram attacked the Chibok community in April 2014, kidnapping over 200 Chibok girls from a boarding school, according to AbokiMusic News. At the time, Boko Haram was just gaining traction in Nigeria’s northern region.

According to records, the intruders also set fire to many homes during the incident, which occurred around seven months ago.

Several of the kidnapped Chibok girls were released after a few months, but Leah Shuaibu was apparently denied freedom owing to her Christian faith.

However, following the first attack, the rebels have targeted the village on multiple occasions, according to AbokiMusic News.

Source; AbokiMusic com


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