How To Open GMail Account With Mobile Phone Within 3mins 2021


How To Open GMail Account Within 3mins 2021

Welcome to the number one tutorial website, on today’s segment of our tutorial freebies we decided to disclose the fastest means to own a GMail Account without spending your money or trying to go to a cafe.


You might have been wanting to fill some job applications, loan applications and all they keep to ask from you is a GMail (Mail) of which you don’t really know what that is or you don’t know how to get one? Well if that is the case then i will assure you that 99.9% of your problem is solved right away as we will provide you with the step by step elaborated guide on how to Open Your GMail Account Within 3mins.

GMAIL by Abokimusik understanding is a free method of exchanging messages in between people that is crafted and brought to life by Google.

Before everything we will like you to take note of this: Google Account is your private electronic medium that you should take very much serious, try and make sure every step you are taking is the righteous information of  yours so as not to encounter some inevitable errors that will delay your businesses in the future.

Below Is How To Open GMail Account Within 3mins 2021
  1. Goto any of your Phone Browser type “Gmail

2. Click On the first link “Create Your Google Account

3. Choose between the two (2) options provided “For Myself” or “To Manage My Business” if you are opening the account for yourself click “Myself” while if its for a company or organization click “Business”.

4.  The first thing you are to fill in your correct “First Name” and “Last Name

5. You will be asked for a Username (This is your Gmail Address vital info) e.g [email protected],com the Aboki is our username while [email protected],com is our Gmail address.

6. You will be asked to fill in your correct phone number (fill in correctly). Here an authentication code will be sent to your phone, if the line is on your phone you can auto fill the code.

7. Lastly you will be asked to read the terms and conditions you will need to comply with and click Agree.


Thanks for staying tune to our today’s tutorial.



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