How To Turn On LED Flash On iPhone (Complete Guide)


How To Turn On LED Flash On iPhone

How To Turn On LED Flash On iPhone – Hello my abokis, welcome to another edition of our tutorial,  here on abokimusik.com we try as much as possible to provide solutions and too almost all problems being ask in our mails daily, we pick the ones we know we have full knowledge on and then write about it. Keep following us and you will definitely enjoy it.

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On today’s tutorial, i will teach you guys simple steps to follow on how to turn on LED flash for notifications on your iphone device which many of you will find it difficult to do it on their own. Keep reading and learn something new today.

According to apple, the LED Flash on your iphone, will blink when you get a notification on your device. This can be helpful when your device is on silent or inside your pocket, You will just get the flash.

It is funny but true, alot of people don’t know 80% settings on their devices which they use huge amount of money to purchase. it is very very sad, All they do with their device is to snap photos, listen to music and maybe surf the internet and that is just it. I mean it is very painful you know what i mean? when you and actually do alot with your mobile phones other than snapping and listening to music. If you want to do all that why not just buy Mp3 player or Camera? Lol.

How To Turn On LED Flash For Notification On Iphone

I know i did alot of talking, so without wasting much of your time, let’s look at these simple steps and guides on how to turn on LED flash for notification on Iphone device

Step 1: On your iPhone 11, and tap on “Settings”.

Step 2: Scroll down, and find “Availability” and then click on it

Step 3: Click on “General media”

Step 4: Scroll down and switch “Toggle Flash For Alerts”

If you follow these simple steps and guide above, you are done and congratulations! it should work fine for you without errors.

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