How To Upload Song On Audiomack From Your Phone 2021


How To Upload Song On Audiomack From Your Phone 2021

Welcome to the number 1 tutorial website, on today’s segment we decided to teach our visitors How To Upload Song On Audiomack From Your Phone 2021.

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From 2019 till date audiomack has been in a strong relationship with artiste as every content creator jumps toward using it in exploring their melodic content.

Due to the demands from our visitors that have been reaching us out asking us How They Can Upload Song On Audiomack here on Abokimusik we decided to teach you how to get your song actively ready to gain streams on Audiomack.

Below Is How To Upload Song On Audiomack From Your Phone 2021

  1. Use Web Browser visit audiomack.com make sure your account is logged in if it’s not put your Username and Password to log in.

2.  When the Homepage opens click on My Library, here you will get to see your audiomack profile with head tabs like Upload, Re Ups, Favorites, Playlist, Following, Followers, Feed.

3. You will see Upload Your Music right below those head categories I mentioned click on it.

4. Audiomack will provide you with a page where you can select your upload type  either Song, Album/EP, DJ Mix or Podcast.

5. Click on Song and Press Next.

6. A page will open where you are asked to Upload your music to Audiomack.

7.  Click on Browse for files or Drag them here to select the song you want to upload on Audiomack.

Congratulations your are able to Upload Song On Audiomack.

Dear visitor by following the above listed procedures you will be able to upload all your songs, album/ep, DJ Mix and Podcast without any headache.

If you don’t have audiomack account you can learn How To Create Audiomack Account Here

Thanks for staying tuned with us on our today’s tutorial segment on How To Upload Songs On Audiomack From Your Phone.



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