I felt suicidal, Cardi B testifies after YouTuber’s prostitution allegation

After being accused of prostitution by a renowned YouTuber, Tasha K, American rapper Belcalis Almánzar, better known as Cardi B, has revealed that she felt suicidal.

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Cardi B testified in federal court in Georgia after the rapper filed a defamation complaint against the vlogger, according to TMZ.

Cardi B said she wanted to commit suicide “over the things” the blogger said about her at the court hearing on Thursday.

Tasha had made several videos about Cardi B in 2018 and 2019, alleging that she was a prostitute and had contracted multiple sexually transmitted diseases.

The allegations prompted Cardi B to file a lawsuit against Tasha, who was not pleased when she was handed court papers.

“I was dejected.”

Cardi B and her rapper husband, Offset, had just welcomed their first child, Kulture, when this happened.

Cardi B eventually broke down in tears during her testimony on Thursday after claiming that the situation had left her suicidal.

The trial was, however, postponed until Tuesday.



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