NDLEA Grills Obi Cubana For Five Hours

On Thursday, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) questioned Obi Iyiegbu, Chairman of the Cubana Group of Companies.
According to reports, the well-known socialite was interrogated about his possible involvement in the illegal narcotics trade.

According to sources, Iyiegbu was interrogated for around five hours at the NDLEA headquarters in Abuja before being freed on bail.

The interrogation was said to be related to three convicted drug dealers from Malaysia, Nigeria, and India making suspicious payments into Cubana’s account.

“Obi Cubana came to the NDLEA office about 9 a.m. and spent many hours answering questions before being granted bail at 2 p.m. He may be a drug lord, according to reports. Money was deposited into his account by several convicted narcotics dealers.

There is no comment on the matter now,” she said.


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