Step By Step Guide On How To Create A Youtube Channel


Step By Step Guide On How To Create A Youtube Channel

Welcome to the number one tutorial website, on today’s segment due to countless popular demands we decided to teach you how to create an active Youtube Channel that you can use for sharing your content creations and even benefit revenue from it.

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If you are a Video Maker, Content Creator, or Musician that wants to start exploring your magnificent ideas online then I will say Youtube is the best platform for you to get that done.

What Is Youtube?

Via Abokimusik understanding, Youtube is a motion pictures sharing platform whereby visitors are able to Watch, Like, Comment, and Share Their Videos freely without spending a dim.

Youtube of recent years has been the ripe money-making spot for creators around the world, giving them the ability to share and monetize their owned created content without the involvement of any third-party.

We know you have been looking for how to acquire your personal or business youtube channel, today we assure you knowing every bit of steps that will comfort you to having that every-day dreaming Channel.

Below Is The Step By Step Guide On How To Create A Youtube Channel

1 Before you can own a Youtube Channel you must have a GMail Account (Dont have GMail Account learn how to create one HERE)

2. Use your Phone Browser or Youtube Application e,g (Chrome) goto the browser address bar type Youtube.com 

3.  At the top right-hand corner you will see 4 icons the first one is for Create(Video Upload), 2nd for Youtube Apps, then Notifications and the last one which is your Gmail Account icon Click on (Gmail Account”.

4. Immediately you will see Manage Google Account under that you will see Create Channel (Click on it).

5. First step is How You’ll Appear Setup Choose the best cover that best describes your channel, write the actual name you want your Channel to be recognized with.

6. After filling the above steps click on Create Channel 

With these simple steps your youtube channel is fully created and ready to start sharing out new videos.

Thanks for staying tune to our Youtube Channel Tutorial we promise to serve you with more updates keep visiting us day by day.



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