Video of Soulja Boy’s manh00d leaked online, rapper enjoys praises that followed

After his nude video ‘leaked,’ Soulja Boy, an American rapper, is trending on the internet.

On Tuesday (January 11), the “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” singer became the latest rapper to have a nude leak, however this one could be his fault.

After Soulja Boy tweeted about a page with tons of sexual information, someone who probably paid money to see ‘everything’ of Soulja Boy captured many screenshots and recordings of his private area and quickly circulated them online.

Shortly after the release, the rapper’s name went viral, and he seemed to love the spotlight. “Soulja boy, I’m striving to be yo Soulja Girlllllll,” he tweeted, and “Lmaoooo once I saw that photo Soulja boy,” he said.

See some of the tweets below


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