Why I Prefer Older Men To Young Ones – Nollywood Actress Spills

Omalicha Elom, a burgeoning Nollywod actress, has claimed that she favors older guys to younger ones because of the way they take command and control of the relationship.
She cannot be submissive to a younger partner, according to the actress, who stated that she cannot marry a younger lover despite her wish to marry in 2022.

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“I desire to be married this year,” the feisty Nollywood diva revealed in a live conversation with The Sun. But I’m never going to marry a young sweetheart. I prefer older men that are three to five years my senior. I like it when my man is in charge and in command. I’m too strong-willed to be subservient to a younger lover. As a result, I prefer a partner who will occasionally say “no” to my poor habits and excessive spending.

It would feel like a small child was touching my breasts if I dated a younger partner. However, I am unable to date a significantly older man. I can’t bear the idea of an elderly man touching me, no matter how wealthy he is. My boyfriend must be affluent, respectful, and a terrific bed partner.”



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